Cat Scarf Knitting Pattern – FREE

If you know me, you know I’m a crazy cat lady. My husband often comes home from work, sees the happy grin on my face and says, “Uh oh. She’s kitty drunk again.” Hey, there are worse things than being coo coo for kitties, aren’t there my friends? ūüėȬ†p1160833

Needless to say, when I read about a recent trend in Japan where you accessorize your furry felines in handmade scarves, I knew I needed to get my three boys on point.

I made up a pattern up in less than 30 minutes, and I think it makes my boys looks even more adorable than normal (if that’s even possible). It’s an easy,¬†fast knit for beginner knitters and cat enthusiast alike. I think it would be especially great for kids who are just starting to knit. Who doesn’t love a project that can be completed while watching just one episode of The Cat Whisperer (I’m really starting to sound crazy now aren’t I)?

Ok, enough of my babbling on about my furry BFF’s. Here’s the FREE pattern!


  • US 13 straight needles
  • Appox 25 yards of super bulky yarn (pictured yarn is Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick)
  • 3/4 inch or 1 inch button (don’t go any bigger than this or your button won’t slip through the stitches.
  • Needle and thread

GAUGE: 2 stitches = 1 inch ( don’t worry if this is off slightly)

3 Sizes: Young Cat (6-12 months), Small/Medium Adult Cat, and Large Adult Cat


With the US 13 needles cast on

  • 3 stitches (Young Cat: Age 6-12 months)
  • 4 stitches (All Adult Cats)

Knit back and forth in row until work measures

  • 16 inches (Young Cat) pictured
  • 19 inches (Small, Medium Cat)
  • 20 inches (Large cat) pictured

Bind off all stitches. Weave in all ends. Sew a button onto the scarf 3 inches from end (young cat), 4 inches from end (small, medium cat) 4 1/2 inches from end (large cat). Curve the scarf around your cats neck and push the button up through the stitching to secure. Be careful to not make it too tight for your furry friend! **Please note: That as with anything around a cats neck the cat should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times**p1160841

That’s all there is to it! I just loved this project! Did you? Share your pictures on our Facebook page, or #bopeepsbonnets on Instagram so we can see your furry friend in their new scarf!

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I lost my Father to Cancer

pamI lost my Father to cancer in 1994, he was 62.   I was 28 when he passed away.  He was diagnosed in April of 1993 with colon cancer. I remember spending that Easter Sunday in the hospital with him and my mother while they were getting him ready for surgery first thing Monday morning.  Surgery came and went followed by many months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

I hated seeing my father going through these treatments and the toll that it was taking on him, but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him either.

I remember our last Thanksgiving and Christmas together.¬† I remember Christmas Eve, he didn’t care that he was weak and walking with a cane.¬†¬†He wanted to go to church that evening and we made it happen.

Then about a week into the New Year he started having seizures and was rushed to the hospital only to find the cancer had spread.  We were told at that point it was just a matter of time.  My world was coming to an end.  The first man that I ever loved was going to be taken from me.  All I kept asking was, why God? Why my dad?  I prayed for God to give me strength as in Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

731-1My dads wish was to come home.  My mother being the loving wife that she was, left her job so that he could come home and so that she could be there to help and take care of him 24/7.  We got a hospital bed, arranged for Hospice to come a few days a week to help with his care and finally we were able to get him home.

Then came that snowy February day when the Hospice nurse came.  She took his vitals and came out and told us that he would probably pass within the next 48 hours. I tried to stay strong, but it was really hard. We started making phone calls to all our family.  The next morning my father started asking for his brothers and sisters.  We called and they dropped what they were doing to get there to be by his side.  Upon his last sister arriving and assuring him that she was there, we told him that it was okay and that he could go. My father took one deep breath and left out a heavy what seemed to be sigh.  This was the last breathe that he took.  He was just waiting for everyone to get there so he could say good-bye.  He passed that day surrounded by family that loved him so dearly.

I never knew hurt until I saw what my father went through.¬† I felt an eerie peace when he passed, it was like I knew that this was the best thing.¬† Never a day goes by that I don’t think of him.¬† I still tell him that I love him, how much I miss him, and I thank him every day for watching over my mother, brother and myself for keeping us safe.¬† With the help of God and our continuous prayers we were able to heal from his passing.¬†¬† As well as the guidance from others who had been through this helping us to see the reality. And helping us to cope. Psalm 119:28 My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.¬†¬† I now try to help others in similar situations to be there for them and help to support them during their difficult time.

I love you to the moon and back daddy, and you will always be the brightest star shining in the sky for me to see.pam7Written by Pam Faltin in loving memory of her father

FREE Chunky Cowl Pattern

P1160248THE GLACIER COWL by Bo Peep’s Bonnets

Materials needed:

  • U.S.¬†15, 16 inch circular needles
  • 106 yards of Super Bulky weight yarn. Pictured yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Quick and Thick in the color “Glacier”
  • Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 2 stitches = 1 inch

Pattern Note: This cowl is designed to fit snugly around the neck providing optimal warmth. If you prefer a looser fit cast on 48 stitches instead.


With the US 15 circular needles cast on 46 stitches. Place marker and join to work in the round being careful not to twist your stitches. Knit all stitches continuously in the round until only 4 yards of yarn are left (enough yarn to bind off with). Bind off all stitches as if to knit. Weave in all ends. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this pattern please check out my Etsy shop for more patterns and cozy knits. The sales from my Etsy store completed fund my charity for cancer patients ‚Äď Hand Knits for Hope. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy or radiation treatments please CLICK HERE to request a free hat for them. XOXO ‚Äď Bo Peep

Bo Peep Hits the Big Screen!

When award winning costume¬†designer Soyon An calls – you answer! I may have answered on a flip phone that I hadn’t updated¬†since the *gasp* 90s – but I answered like I was¬†on the newest, most fabulous, rose color iPhone money could buy.

In all honesty, I could barely hear her assistant on my prehistoric cell! Through all the crackles and pops I managed to gather that her boss, the one and only Soyon An, who is best known for her work on “So You think You Can Dance” and “American Idol” wanted little ol’ me to design a hat for the new movie she was working on.

Her assistant gave me my marching orders and the time line was tight Рsuper tight. I worked from the moment she called and all through the night designing and knitting samples. I prayed to the post office gods that the overnight shipping would make it into her glorious hands by morning.

Her assistant had purchased a cat hat in “Grey Marble” from me and they wanted me to take that design and their color scheme and mesh them into something funky and fabulous.

I loved every minute of it. I’ll never forget that night – just me, my needles, Red Heart Soft yarn in funky colors, and lots (and lots) of french press coffee. I made three different options and Soyon let me know her favorite in the next few days. She had me make 4 of her favorite in rapid time and once again I relied on the post office gods to come to my overnight aid.


The three original samples I designed for Bad Hair Day

The designing was done. The knitting was done. But just wait for the kicker – I had NO IDEA what movie the hats were for! Confidentiality is crucial in this business and I understood and signed on the dotted line. I knew that Soyon was working on “Jem and the Holograms” so I put two and two together and thought the hats were for that – WRONG!¬†

Imagine my surprise when one night I turned on Netflix and BAM! There was my cat hat on Laura Marano in the Disney Channel Original movie Bad Hair Day! I quickly pressed play and simultaneously emailed Soyon at the same time – Could this be true? Was it Bad Hair Day I had been designing for all along?!?! “YES!” She told me!


Laura Marano in my cat beanie for a costume test

I was so excited I’m sure I didn’t even hear the dialogue the first time I watched it. I laughed, I cried, I jumped, and then of course I re-watched the movie 10 times!


Now two years later I’m still so thankful for the opportunity. ¬†I offer handmade reproductions of the cat beanie I designed for Laura Marano in my Etsy shop and every time I get to make one a big smile crosses my face. The only difference is I’ve finally ¬†upgraded to that smartphone I swore I would never get – but hey – I kind of love it because it helps me stay connected to all of you – and as an added bonus I get to look at lots of insanely cute cat pictures on Instagram¬† while I sip my third french press and knit away into the night ūüėČ


Reproductions available in my shop


The Katniss Cowl Coincidence

Can you believe our best selling Huntress Cowl¬†was actually just a coincidence? It’s true!

Here’s the story. It was early November 2013 and my mother-in-law had graciously volunteered to watch our daughter for a few days so my hubby and I could spend some much needed alone time together.

We put on our finest, hit the town, and partied all night! Just kidding – we sat on the couch, sipped wine, and binged watch Netflix – it was glorious. One night as we were on our sixth episode of Sherlock I decided to knit myself something for once. Am I the only knitter that never knits anything for themselves? What’s up with that?

I had gotten this beautiful pewter yarn at Michaels and was eager to work with it. I whipped up the first huntress cowl in two nights, all the while noting the pattern in my pink psychedelic¬†notebook (you know the kind where you look at it and it looks like it’s spinning – yeah – that’s where I keep all the goods).

I wore it back to Virginia to pick up my daughter. While we were there we stopped to see my grandfather-in-law. He was just the sweetest. He told me he thought the scarf was beautiful. When we got back I thought – hey why not – I’ll list it and make reproductions and see what happens. I called it The Silver Fox.

listing photo

Original listing photo for The Silver Fox

A week or two went by – and no one ordered one. Then it all changed.¬†My girlfriend mentioned this little movie called The Hunger Games (you may have heard of it). She was raving about it so I checked it out. When I saw Katniss’ knit cowl I thought to myself – I think I could wrap my Silver Fox Cowl to look like that… I tried it and – Voila! It worked! It didn’t look exactly the same – but it gave you the same feeling – and it was versatile!

Fast forward and now it’s one of our best sellers, and my original pattern for The Silver Fox turned Huntress Cowl is number one in our shop!

So that’s the back story my friends! That cowl has been such a blessing to us – and to think it was all coincidence…although I have a feeling God had a hand in this one. That pattern came to me so quickly and easily – I think I’ll give the credit to Him ¬†ūüôā

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The Huntress Cowl Product –¬†

The Huntress Cowl Pattern –¬†

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Have you seen these beautiful yarn hangings all over pinterest lately? Me too. P1140997

They add a beautiful dash of color and a hint of bohemian style to any room. The best part – SO EASY! Little Bo Peep and I made one the other day and we both had such a great time. I knew I had to share this easy project with all of you.

Just a little PS before we start – these instructions are super adaptable. Make things whatever length you want – with whatever yarn you want – with those fab sparkling beads you’ve been eyeing, with a stick from your back yard. You really can’t go wrong. Here’s exactly what we used for ours:


  • Bamboo stick measuring approx 23 inches
  • DK¬†Weight Yarn (approx 150 yards)
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Wood Beads with holes large enough for the yarn to fit through


Cut all your yarn into 56 inch strips. You will be doubling them over so cut them twice as long as you want them to hang. Take 3 strips and fold them in half creating a loop at the top. Place the loop under the stick and pull the ends of the yarn through the loop. Pull tight to form a knot. Repeat with all your yarn strips. After you have all your yarn strips tied onto your stick thread the beads onto the yarn wherever you like. Thread them into the appropriate amount of yarn so that they will stay in place without you having to tie a knot.


Of course I had some Barbra playing in the background

Next cut one more strand of yarn that measures approx 2 feet. Secure this yarn to either side of hanging with a triple knot. This is how you hang the project.

Lastly give your wall hanging a trim! You will most likely have some stray strands at this point. Grab those scissors and get creative! Viola! Hang and enjoy!

The colors looked perfect in my daughter’s room and she loves it! We had a bunch of wooden beads left over so she made a necklace with the leftovers. I hope your enjoy this DIY yarn wall hanging as much as we did!


We love being social! If you make one we’d love for you to share it on our facebook page so we can like, comment, and share you handy work!



Hello Friends! Welcome to Bo Peep’s Bonnets – A hand knit hat and cowl company in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

Bo Peep’s Bonnets¬†was born out of desire to help cancer patients feel and look their best as they go through chemotherapy. When my mother started chemo treatments for ovarian cancer in the early fall of 2012, I found myself scouring the web trying to find fashionable and comfortable knit hats to keep her warm.¬†There were lots of great places to get fabric head wraps, but I couldn’t find any companies that provided winter hats for free. That’s when it dawned on me to take my love of knitting to the next level! I would sell my hats on Etsy and use the profits to buy the supplies for the chemo hats.

And Viola! Bo Peep’s Bonnets was born! I’ve expanded my style and company as the years have gone by and now you can find everything from¬†hipster beehive hats, to chunky knit cowl with oversized coconut buttons, to mom and daughter matching hat sets, easy to follow knitting patterns, and so much more!

I’m always¬†adding new products and patterns so check back often to see what’s new!

Thanks to your purchases, I can keep my business and my charity running.

Blessings and good health to you all! Thanks again for shopping!


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